Ensuring a better start in life for every child aged 0-3 in the LEAP area of Lambeth

Planning to succeed

A Theory of Change describes how an intervention will change things for the better. It maps out what the intervention does, the related outcomes, and how these outcomes will all add up to the ultimate goal.

We work with families and children in a diverse area of Lambeth with a higher level of need. Our intervention is a partnership of services focusing on breastfeeding, healthy eating, parenting and relationships, language and communication, early literacy and more.

We aim to learn from our services to influence early years practice across Lambeth and beyond.

Our Theory of Change shows the eight areas (domains) we work across, our intended outcomes, and how we plan to achieve these outcomes. Each of our domains support, influence, and build on each other, adding up to our ultimate goal – ensuring a better start in life for every child aged 0 to 3 in the LEAP area of Lambeth.

Our approach draws together evidence and expertise from the local area and the broader early years system. We consulted local families, practitioners and partners to agree on the outcomes for each domain and develop our Theory of Change. By working collectively, we believe we will achieve greater change for all LEAP children and families.